Futsal Court Painting Project

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Painting a futsal court in Watts, California with Adidas LA, LAFC, U.S. Soccer Foundation and many others. 

My only complaint with the world of football/soccer/futbol is that it does NOT act like skating enough. The football world is self-referential to a fault : only referencing its own storied past. I believe that in order to innovate in this industry, we must be willing to draw inspiration from outside of it. My chief inspiration for this project was my roots in skateboarding as a child. Art goes hand in hand with the board and I wanted to bridge that gap onto the court.

I want to paint many, many more courts in the coming years and I’m doing everything I can to realize that vision. Here’s a video showcasing how the court transformed some young woman’s life.

Energy Mode #X18 Campaign

MLS x Adidas Illustrations

Early 2018 Adidas commissioned illustrations for a project with Major League Soccer. They wanted to assemble a one-of-a-kind package to then send kits to influencers in the soccer world. I designed the illustrations to be ubiquitous with soccer culture and not team-specific. In general, I feel the problem art in soccer always has is that is self-referential. For this project, I chose to rebel against that and focus on creating imagery that speaks into the ethos of soccer culture.